Flying with a disability

We're committed to helping you travel with ease. From mobility assistance to navigating airports and aircraft with a disability.

You can select assistance options for Air New Zealand flights during online booking. 

Assistance to and from the aircraft for those with reduced mobility

Do you find walking long distances or climbing stairs a challenge? Ask for a little extra help when you book your flight, and we'll take care of you.

During booking

  • Look for the Special Request section when you book online or using the Air New Zealand app. For people who don't use wheelchairs daily, there are two options for mobility assistance: 
    • Wheelchair assistance is required within airport to the gate. Passenger is able to use stairs and get to/from aircraft cabin seat (WCHR).
    • Wheelchair assistance is required within airport to the gate, and on stairs. Passenger is able to get to/from aircraft cabin seat (WCHS).
  • Select a better seat when you book your flight. A little extra comfort can go a long way. You may be able to request a seat with more space, a better location or a movable armrest when you book. Already booked your flight? You can still change to a better seat with seatselect.
  • If you've recently had surgery, or require medication or medical oxygen during a flight, you may be required to apply for medical clearance before you fly. Find out more about flying with a medical condition.

After booking

If you missed putting in a request during your booking, or if your situation has changed and you now require assistance, please contact us with your booking details. 

On the day of travel

If you're flying within New Zealand on a domestic flight and have made a special assistance request, please check in and arrive at the airport 60 minutes before your flight's scheduled departure. Our staff will ensure that you can get to your departure gate on time and, if you don't have a support person present, will assist you in boarding. Please be aware that some of our flights at regional airports may board and disembark on the tarmac.

Upon arrival at your destination airport, our crew may ask you to wait until other passengers have disembarked before assisting you off the aircraft and accompanying you to the arrival area.

If you're flying internationally and have made a special assistance request, please check in and complete bag drop before notifying our kiosk or Special Assistance team of your request. They will manage your request and ensure you are assisted to your gate. 

Staff can also provide additional assistance when arriving at your destination. Please discuss this with our check in staff or flight attendants and let us help make your travel easier.

Please note, our people are commited to providing assistance to those with reduced mobility, however, this does not include accompanying passengers through Duty Free shopping or waiting for meals. 

During peak holiday periods, Air New Zealand receives many requests for wheelchair assistance, this may result in a waiting period for a wheelchair.

If you're connecting between a domestic flight and an international flight in Auckland, our staff may escort you to the inter-terminal bus stop which is a free service between the international terminal and the domestic terminal. Our team will then communicate with the staff at the other terminal to notify them of your requirements. 

Learn more about the airport you are flying to or departing from using our connection guides and airport maps.

Discover more about the accessibility options available in our Air New Zealand Lounges.

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