Assistance for deaf & hearing impaired passengers

Your safety and comfort is important to us, so please tell us if you are deaf or your hearing is impaired. This way we can ensure our airport staff and cabin crew know you may require assistance throughout your journey.

Air New Zealand offers a number of ways that Deaf and hearing impaired passengers can make contact with us. You can email us via the "contact us" section of the website and you can use the TTY service via NZ Relay.

Our airport staff and cabin crew will assist you with information regarding boarding times, departure gate, meal services and our onboard safety video have captioning. You can also review our safety briefing cards prior to going to the airport if you wish.

Our inflight entertainment system has a selection of content with captioning in English and other languages. View the "Watch" section of our website and click on the "English Subtitles" genre to see which content has English captioning or select from the various other language genres to see which content has captioning in other languages.