Claim missing Airpoints™

Are you missing Airpoints Dollars or Status Points? Let us know, and we'll sort it out.

How long should you wait before claiming?

There are lots of ways to earn Airpoints Dollars and Status Points, and some come through later than others. It's possible your missing Airpoints rewards are still being processed.

Airpoints Dollars and Status Points from Air New Zealand flights can take several days to appear in your account. Airpoints Dollars and Status Points from partner airlines, Airpoints Partners and Airpoints earning credit cards can take longer. We suggest waiting three-four weeks before lodging your claim.

You can make a claim up to six months after your flight or purchase, if you were an Airpoints member at the time of travel or purchase.

Keep your boarding pass and e-ticket number until you receive your missing Airpoints.

For more information, see our Airpoints terms and conditions.


We can usually help if you flew with us, our Star Alliance partners, or one of our other partner airlines. Just log in to your Airpoints account and select 'Claim missing Airpoints' to submit your claim online.

Remember, we can only process your claim if:

  • You've completed your flight
  • Your flight was in the last six months if you are an existing Airpoints member
  • Your flight was eligible to earn Airpoints Dollars and Status Points
  • If it was a business flight, you were a member of Airpoints for Business when you flew
  • Your flight was no more than 30 days before you joined Airpoints if you've joined recently

If you flew with a Star Alliance or partner airline, a copy of your boarding pass or your 13-digit e-ticket number would be very helpful.

Find out more about earning Airpoints rewards when you fly.

Hotels or rental cars

We add these Airpoints Dollars to your account at the end of each month, once you've completed your rental or hotel stay.

If your expected Airpoints Dollars don't appear in your account, you can make a claim up to six months later. Just complete a Missing Airpoints Claim form. Include any supporting documents to help us verify your claim with the relevant hotel or rental car company.

See more about Airpoints hotels and rental car partners.