Travelling with firearms or ammunition

You're welcome to fly with us when you have firearms and ammunition, as long as you follow our requirements.

To carry a firearm and/or ammunition, you must hold either:

  • A current Firearms/Visitor Firearms Licence
  • A valid Import Permit
  • A Law Enforcement ID

Copies of documents will not be accepted.

The New Zealand Police website has more information.

You must advise us before you fly if you plan to carry a firearm:

What firearms can I carry?

  • Sporting firearms
  • Air rifles, air pistols and BB guns
  • Soft air pellet guns and paintball guns
  • Imitation firearms
  • Decommissioned firearms


How do I pack my firearm for air travel?

You must ensure your firearm is:

  • Packed in a locked, hard case
  • Unloaded and any fitted magazines emptied
  • Rendered inoperable e.g. bolt removed, trigger guard(s)/trigger lock(s) fitted etc
  • Not packed with any ammunition
  • Not packed with the bolt (if applicable)
  • Is declared to a Customer Service Agent when you check-in

 Firearms (including replicas and decommissioned weapons)





FAQs for travelling with firearms

How do I tell you about my firearm when I'm checking in?

Why do I have to pack my firearm in a hard case?

Do I need to pay extra to check in my firearms case?

Where can I pack my firearm's bolt once I've removed it?

I'm bringing a pistol in a small locked case. Can I pack it in my checked-in bag?

Can I pack more than one firearm in my case?

Does my imitation firearm need to be in a locked hard case?

I'm carrying two types of guns in different cases. Can I pack each one's ammunition with the other firearm?

How would you know if I didn't tell you about my firearm?

What ammunition can I carry?

  • Cartridges with an inert projectile
  • Cartridges, small arms, blank

Blackpowder, percussion caps and primers (unless contained in the ammunition) are not permitted.

How do I pack ammunition for air travel?

You must ensure your ammunition:

  • Is in a container that separates each round (securely packed) e.g. not touching each other  
  • Does not weight more than 5kg, this includes the weight of the container
  • Is in your checked bags
  • Is not packed in the same case as your firearm
  • Is declared to a Customer Service Agent when you check-in

You are approved to carry ammunition provided you have complied with the above.






FAQs for travelling with ammunition

How do I tell you about my ammunition when I'm checking in?

How do I securely pack ammunition for a flight?

Can I pack my ammunition in my main checked-in bag?

I have a special ammunition container that weighs 500g. Can I use it to carry 5kg of ammunition?

Can I carry a 'bucket of bullets' I recently bought?

My travelling companion is not carrying ammunition, can I use their allowance?

Can I carry spent or empty shell casings?

Can I carry explosive charges for my nail gun?

Can I pack ammunition in my locked firearms case?

Can I carry ammunition in a firearm's magazine?

I'm flying internationally and have a domestic transfer. Can you check my bag with ammunition in it all the way to my destination?

How would you know if I didn't tell you about my ammunition?

Information for travelling internationally with firearms or ammunition

Carrying firearms or ammunition across borders takes care and planning:

  • Always check with the New Zealand Police before carrying your firearm or ammunition into or out of New Zealand . You may require special permits e.g. Import, Export etc.
  • Check for permit requirements, restrictions etc., for any country you are traveling to or through.
  • Carry all your relevant permits, documents etc., and be prepared to show them when asked.

Switching to another airline's aircraft:

  • Be sure to declare the firearm and ammunition to the new airline.
  • We can't transfer any bag containing a firearm or ammunition to another airline.
  • If you're switching to a non-Air New Zealand aircraft, you will need to clear customs, collect your bags and check them in with the new airline.
  • This applies to our codeshare partners, even if the flight has an Air NZ flight number.

If travelling internationally or on a different airline, check their firearms and ammunition requirements. They may have stricter rules than us, and failure to comply could incur severe penalties.