Mobile check-in FAQs


When can I check-in?
Mobile check-in is open 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight and closes 30 minutes before domestic New Zealand flights and 90 minutes before international flights.

What flights can I check-in for online?
Mobile check-in is available for travel starting on Air New Zealand operated flights.

Groups of more than nine people, unaccompanied minors and some special service requests are unable to use mobile check-in. 

How do I use mobile check-in?
Retrieve your booking and follow the screens:

  • select passengers
  • upgrade (if applicable)
  • manage checked baggage
  • select seats
  • pay for any purchases
  • enter passport details

Note: Ensure that the passport entered is the passport the passenger will be flying on.

Mobile check-in is not available for bookings with 9 or more passengers.

Can I change my booking or add more passengers?
The flights you have chosen and number of passengers cannot be changed in mobile check-in. You can seat select, add pre-paid Extra Bags and upgrade your inflight option on applicable flights.

If I have checked in online can I cancel check-in?
No. If you have checked in online and do not plan to travel, please contact us.

Express check-in

What is Express check-in?
If you have already selected your seats and don’t have any checked bags to manage you will be eligible for Express check-in. Express check-in allows you to skip select and checked bags so you can check-in faster and receive your boarding pass.

Unsuccessful check-in

If you failed check-in for any reason, please check-in at the airport before check-in closes for your flight.

Boarding passes

How can I receive my boarding pass?
You can have your boarding pass emailed to you for printing or have your mobile boarding pass downloaded to the Air NZ Mobile app. Home printed and mobile boarding passes are not accepted at some airports.

Why did I not receive a boarding pass?
A boarding pass cannot be issued online if one or more passengers selected for check-in does not meet entry and transit requirements. If you are required to complete check-in at the airport to collect your boarding pass or failed to check-in, please arrive at the airport before check-in closes for your flight.

Some airports also do not accept home printed or mobile boarding passes.

At the airport

If I have checked in online, what should I do at the airport?
If you have no bags, go straight to the gate with your boarding pass. On international flights please have your passport verified by an Air NZ representative at the gate. If you have bags to check, drop these before bag drop closes.

  • 30 minutes before domestic New Zealand flights
  • 60 minutes before international flights
  • 75 minutes before flights departing from Sydney, London Heathrow, all US airports, all Canadian airports

If I need to collect my boarding pass, what should I do?
You can collect your boarding pass from a kiosk or online check-in counter (where applicable).