China UnionPay FAQs

What is China UnionPay?

Established in March 2002, China UnionPay is a well known bankcard association established under the approval of the State Council and the People's Bank of China. As the only national bankcard association in China, China UnionPay operates an inter-bank transaction settlement service of which all bank card issuers in Mainland China are members of China UnionPay.

Is China UnionPay a secure method of payment?

Yes - China UnionPay is a trusted form of online payment and is now accepted and widely used in 117 countries around the world.

Do I need to register to online banking to use China UnionPay?

Yes - when using a China UnionPay debit/credit card issued in China for payment, please ensure that you have registered for online banking.

Are there payment limits when using China UnionPay?

To comply with China Banking regulation on internet sales, daily cumulative and 'per transaction' limits apply to each personal debit/credit card issued in China. Please ensure your China UnionPay credit/debit card has sufficient funds for the transaction before starting your purchase.

Are there any browser settings I need to take note of?

Yes - please allow pop-ups in your browser setting to complete your online transaction. China UnionPay also recommends the use of Internet Explorer web browser 6.0 or above.

Is China UnionPay available in Chinese and English?

Yes - UnionPay is available in both Simplified Chinese and English.

Who can I contact if I need more information?

Please contact us through the channels below:

in Mainland China, please call: 400-101-8080