Caring for New Zealanders

He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata.

People are at the heart of everything we do and everything we stand for. With a promise of manaaki, we are committed to taking care further than any other airline. This promise extends from our employees to our customers, communities and the environment.

We want to support the recovery of New Zealand's economy by connecting Kiwis with each other and the world, growing our cargo business, as well as continuing to support our local suppliers and communities across all of New Zealand. 

Supporting our people

We're committed to providing a safe, inclusive workplace - ensuring diversity in leadership, being a talent incubator for the wider economy and fostering a culture that delivers a highly engaged workforce.

We know an engaged internal culture is critical to achieving superior commercial outcomes and outstanding customer satisfaction. It also makes Air New Zealand the kind of place people want to work. 

We continue to track our progress against the targets and metrics we have set ourselves to proactively manage safety performance, employee engagement, diversity, equity & inclusion and employee wellbeing. 

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Ko Aotearoa e ngunguru nei

We recognise Māori culture is an especially important part of New Zealand's identity. We are committed to further weaving Māori culture and language into the fabric of our business, and have collaborated with the Māori Language Commission to develop the 'Tohu Reo' pin, a Māori language identifier pin that can be worn by fluent te reo speaking Air New Zealanders.

This initiative was launched in 2017 and this year we acknowledged a group of Air New Zealanders from across the business who have reached the level of fluency to wear the tohu reo pin.

To support the Māori language to fly, Air New Zealand, in partnership with NZ Māori Tourism, created the Kia Rere app. The app, produced by Kiwa Digital, has a range of interactive features including audio learning and the ability to create a mihimihi. This year we also introduced a series of e-learning modules to support the entire workforce of Air New Zealand to engage and learn te reo Māori. The three learning modules touch on the history of te reo Māori, the fundamentals of basic pronunciation and how to set up digital devices to engage with te reo Māori. 

Kia Rere is available to download in the App Store and on Google Play.

Caring for our communities

Air New Zealand's wide-reaching operations allow us to provide manaaki to every community we fly to. Our goal is to help build strong and sustainable communities nationwide.

As an airline providing services to 20 domestic destinations across New Zealand, connecting people and caring for our communities is at the heart of what we do. We recognise we have a role to play in creating more opportunities for the regions so we undertake a significant programme of regional activity, including destination brand development and trade familiarisations, partnering with Koru Care 4 New Zealand for our Little Heroes flight, conservation volunteering, Airpoints™ for Schools, and disaster relief when required.

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Sustainable Sourcing and Supplier Code of Conduct

Sustainable sourcing

In order to be a sustainable business, we must take responsibility for what we purchase, the way our products and services are used and how things are disposed of.

Our focus is not just on the products, but also on outcomes that mutually benefit the airline, our suppliers and our customers.

We are committed to establishing a baseline of Air New Zealand spend with Māori and Pasifika owned businesses and social enterprises by 2022.

To assist us with these endeavours, we have become an Aumatua member of Amotai and are also a connect member of Ākina Foundation's Impact Buyer Programme.

Find out more in the Caring for New Zealanders section of our 2022 Sustainability Report.

Air New Zealand Supplier Code of Conduct

At Air New Zealand we are committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct. We have a mission to maintain operational integrity and safety always and are committed to minimising the impact of our operations on our surroundings by operating in a sustainable manner.

We seek to engage and collaborate with suppliers who share our commitment and approach to conducting business. 

Our Supplier Code of Conduct, based on the United Nations Global Compact principles, sets out our minimum expectations of suppliers for labour, human rights, the environment and ethical business. 

The Air New Zealand Supplier Code of Conduct supports the continued application of our commitment to advance social, environmental and ethical responsibility beyond our own operations to our supply chain. We expect Air New Zealand suppliers to meet the minimum standards defined by this code and fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations when conducting business with Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand recognises achieving these standards will involve a dynamic process and encourages suppliers as a minimum to:

  1. Meet the standards set forth in this code, or, where any standards are not met, establish clear goals toward meeting the standards set forth in this Code within an agreed time period; and
  2. Actively review, monitor and modify their management processes and business operations to ensure they facilitate continuous improvement


You can download the Air New Zealand Supplier Code of Conduct here

Better connecting New Zealand businesses

Air New Zealand plays a significant role in taking New Zealand products and services to the world.

For New Zealand businesses to succeed, global connectivity is critical. Our domestic and international network provides New Zealand businesses with access to key markets supporting a prosperous and growing New Zealand. We also incorporate many New Zealand products into our customer experience.

Enabling exports and imports

Cargo is a crucial part of our offering and is essential to New Zealand's economy and high value export chain. Our networks give our exporters and importers access to 120 destinations, so New Zealand can sell to and import products from almost any point on the globe.

Find out more in the Caring for New Zealanders section of our 2022 Sustainability Report.