Additional documentation for children travelling to and from South Africa

From 1 June 2015 additional documentation is required by persons under the age of 18 years travelling to and from South Africa.

It is highly recommended to refer to the South African Department of Home Affairs and/or contact the South African Embassy in Wellington for full details.

Where parents are travelling with a child under the age of 18, they must be in possession and able to produce an “unabridged” birth certificate. An unabridged birth certificate is one that reflects the particulars of the parents of the child. This applies to all nationalities departing from and arriving in South Africa. It is not required for passengers remaining in transit, unless he or she requires a transit visa.

In the case of one parent travelling with a child, he or she must produce an unabridged birth certificate AND one of the following

  1. An affidavit from the other parent registered as a parent on the birth certificate of the child, authorising him or her to enter into or depart from South Africa with the child he or she is travelling with
  2. A court order granting full parental responsibilities or legal guardianship in respect of the child IF he or she is the legal guardian
  3. Where applicable, a death certificate of the other parent registered as a parent of the child on the birth certificate

Where a person is travelling with a child who is not his or her biological child, they must produce

  1. A copy of the unabridged birth certificate
  2. An affidavit from the parents or legal guardian confirming permission has been given for the child to travel
  3. Copies of the identity documents or passports of the parents or legal guardian AND
  4. The contact details of the parents or legal guardian

Additional rules apply for the carriage of unaccompanied minors. Air New Zealand's unaccompanied minor age rules do not permit an unaccompanied minor under the age of 16 to travel between New Zealand and South Africa. However, the South African ruling mandates an unaccompanied minor as any child under 18 years. Therefore a passenger aged 16 or 17 travelling to or from South Africa is required to be in possession of additional documentation.

Applicable travellers will be asked to produce the required documentation at check-in for each flight, and those not in possession of these will not be allowed to travel.