Our people

We’re committed to providing a safe workplace, ensuring diversity in leadership, being a talent incubator for the wider economy and fostering a culture that delivers a highly engaged workforce.


We have signed the Zero Harm Workplaces pledge - aiming to eliminate work-related injuries and illness for all employees and visitors to our workplaces. The number of workplace injuries and incidents at our various sites throughout New Zealand is reducing. However, we remain focused on how we can reduce these rates further through early hazard identification, risk management and continuous learning.

Guiding safety principles at our workplaces include personal commitment to leadership; meaningful engagement and communication; a proactive learning culture; and relentless continuous improvement through measurement and monitoring. We will also be working hard in coming years to identify, assess and mitigate the critical risks across the business from a people safety perspective, so that we can avoid injury, improve employee wellbeing and create a measurable change in safety culture and behaviours.


We must meet strict aviation standards and international regulations governing the safety of our customers, employees and Air New Zealand’s aircraft and systems. We have a dedicated security team for this purpose that monitors threats and trends and sets procedures for all of our operations – incorporating on-board security, as well as security of all our facilities, assets and information technology systems.


We are proud of our workforce diversity as we know that it will deliver diversity of thought, innovation and customer insight. As such we have a number of initiatives in place to develop this:

  • We have a target to have 40% of our Senior Leadership Team female by 2020, and we have a Women’s network in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to offer additional events, coaching and mentoring for women throughout the business.
  • A Young Professionals (Yo Pro) Network for under 30s, designed to support the capability of Air New Zealanders across the business who are in the early stages of their career and are actively motivated to seek out development opportunities.
  • Our Pride Network has been established for LGBT employees. In February 2015, the Pride Network were first-time participants in Auckland’s Pride Parade and there are more events planned.
  • An Air New Zealand culture group and a Maori and Pacifica network exist for staff participation in various events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Advancing Maori

As the national airline of New Zealand we recognise that Māori culture is an especially important part of New Zealand identity. We are committed to further weaving Māori culture into the fabric of our business. We have provided executive coaching and intensive residential, marae-based workshops for members of the Senior Leadership Team to develop greater Māori cultural fluency, while also launching a Māori language and culture app "Te Kete Tikanga Māori" and establishing our employee Māori ambassadors to promote Māori culture and the use of te reo Māori, among all Air New Zealanders. We also support the programme Champions for Change TupuToa, a Māori and Pasifika Corporate Pathways internship initiative, to promote and encourage young Māori and Pasifika employees into corporate careers. In 2016 we also collaborated with the Māori Language Commission to develop the "Waha Tohu" pin, a Māori language identifier pin that can be worn by fluent te reo speaking New Zealanders, including Air New Zealanders.


We recognise that a highly engaged workforce will increase Air New Zealand’s innovation, productivity and delivery of our Go Beyond vision. Our Leadership Everyday programme aims to have all front line leaders attend a leadership development course by 2018. In 2015 we launched our Accelerated Leadership Development Programme and High Potential Women programmes, designed to ensure that Air New Zealand is harnessing potential leadership value, accelerating internal promotion, and providing necessary support and encouragement to staff across all business groups. We have started measuring and benchmarking our staff engagement levels and seek to have world class scores.

Green Team

We have an internal 'GreenTeam' comprising around 3,000 Air New Zealanders who voluntarily participate in a range of large group environmental activities every month, from tree planting to beach clean ups and assisting with DOC’s biodiversity work. The GreenTeam are looking to build out greater education and engagement experiences and will be exploring social and community-focused opportunities.