Investor presentations

Here you will find presentations given by Air New Zealand at investor and analyst briefings, conferences and results announcements.

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Most recent presentations

2018 Investor Day Presentation

2018 Macquarie Australia Conference Presentation

Air New Zealand Presentation at DB Virtual ADR Conference

2018 Interim Results Analyst Presentation

2017 Annual Results Analyst Presentation

2017 Investor Day Presentation

Air New Zealand presentation at 2017 Macquarie Australia Conference

2017 Interim Results Analyst Presentation

Air New Zealand Presentation to Investors in London - October 2016

2016 Annual Results Analyst Presentation

Investor Day 2016

2016 Interim Analyst Presentation

2015 Annual Analyst Presentation

2015 Interim Analyst Presentation

2014 Annual Analyst Presentation

Investor Day 2014

2014 Interim Analyst Presentation

2013 Annual Analyst Presentation

Investor Day 2013

2013 Interim Analyst Presentation

Deutsche Bank Transport Conference 2011

Air New Zealand Analyst Day 2011

Air NZ Annual Shareholders Meeting Presentation 2011

2011 Annual Analyst Presentation

2011 Interim Analyst Presentation

Investor Day November 2010

2010 Annual Results Analyst Presentation

2010 Interim Results Presentation

Investor Day October 2009

2009 Annual Results Analyst Presentation

Interim Results February 2009

Airline Innovation November 2008

Annual Results August 2008

US & UK Roadshow June 2008

Financial Year 2008 Interim Results Presentation

Analyst Day November 2007

Deutsche Bank Transport Conference

2007 Annual Results Analyst Presentation
Presenters: Rob Fyfe, CEO & Rob McDonald, CFO

US Roadshow Presentation

UBS Transport Conference, Sydney

Financial Year 2007 Interim Results Presentation, Auckland

2006 Financial Results Presentation

Financial Year 2006 Interim Results Presentation, Auckland

2005 Financial Results Presentation