Information About Card Types

A valid debit/credit card is required for completing your booking.

We currently accept the following payment types:

  • Alipay
  • Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/Amex)

To pay by Diners card please contact us in New Zealand on 0800 737 000 or China 400 101 8080.

To comply with China Banking regulation on internet sales, daily cumulative and 'per transaction' limits apply to each personal debit/credit card issued in China. Please ensure your card has sufficient limits for this transaction before starting your purchase.

Please be advised that you may be required to present your credit card at the airport check-in counter if your payment is made by a New Zealand or Australian issued credit card.

Please note:

  • Please allow pop-up in your browser setting to complete your online transaction.
  • Currently our Payment Service Provider and the Bank's websites support English and Simplified Chinese. Alipay is available in Chinese only.

During the process of finalising your booking request and payment, please do not press the 'back' button, submit your request again, refresh the page, or close the browser as it may result in charging your card twice or the payment may be authorised but your booking remain incomplete.

When a payment transaction is authorised by your card company, it cannot be cancelled as the amount has already been directly deducted from your card account. We may arrange for a refund if applicable (subject to fare rules); however, a refund/cancellation fee of your selected fare will be charged. The refund requires at least 14 working days to process.