Australia entry and transit requirements

All visitors to Australia (except New Zealand passport holders) must obtain a visa, a transit visa or ETA before they enter Australia (including travel to Norfolk Islands).

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) provides authorisation to enter Australia and is electronically linked to your passport. The Australian Department of Home Affairs advises that eligible passengers should apply for an ETA two weeks before intended travel.

While most ETAs are decided on application, some ETAs require further assessment by an Australian visa office. Please apply early to avoid disruption to travel plans. You can apply for an ETA directly here.

There is a cost of AUD20 for an ETA, payable by credit card. Some passport nationalities are exempt from paying the AUD20 fee. Check out the Australian Department of Home Affairs prior to applying.

Transiting in New Zealand

There are some countries whose citizens do not have to apply for a visa before travelling to New Zealand as a transit passenger. For further information please see the transit visa country/region waiver list at Immigration New Zealand.

Please note, for passports where a visa is required for transit, outbound and return rules may differ. For passports where the Visa Waiver (ETA) cannot be issued, India for example (but not limited to) travellers from the US or Canada will be allowed to transit via New Zealand to Australia on the outbound flights, but not on the return flights. A visa would need to be issued to transit via New Zealand on the return journey. For full details and expert advice please contact New Zealand Immigration for further clarification.