Airpoints™ for Schools terms & conditions

Submitting an application to take part in the Airpoints™ for Schools programme is deemed as acceptance of its terms and conditions.
Last updated on 7 October 2016

Applications open 9:00am Monday 10 October 2016 and close 5:00pm Friday 2 December 2016. Entries received outside this period will not be considered.

Applications are open to any school that meets the eligibility criteria.

An eligible school is any Primary, Intermediate or Secondary school within New Zealand, of deciles 1-10.

To apply, schools must complete an online application form available online via the Air New Zealand website.

Only one application can be submitted per eligible school.

The applicant making the submission on behalf of the school must be currently employed by the school. All applications will require sign off from the school Principal and any other relevant parties subject to the school’s own policy (such as a member of the school’s Board of Trustees). The sign off must be provided in the form of a letter on school letterhead, signed by all relevant parties and submitted with the application form. The name and position of the person that will be making the travel bookings on behalf of the school (if selected) must be outlined within this letter.

Schools will be required to provide the following information during the application process:

  • Applicant’s full name and position held at the school
  • School name, location, decile and contact details
  • Brief rationale outlining their need for assistance and how it will benefit the school, the community and/or the students
  • Any supporting documentation from the PTA, School Principal or community
  • The date, locations and timings for the school’s flight requirements (note: travel dates must occur after 1 May 2017)
  • The estimated number of students, teachers and/or nominated chaperones travelling with the school for the purpose described within the application to the Airpoints for Schools programme, and estimated budget for travel
  • Image(s) which best represent the school, for use across Air New Zealand communications channels, if the school is selected. An image of the school group/individuals seeking travel must be provided. Refer to section 4 for more details

To be eligible for selection, schools should provide details of their specific and meaningful domestic or international travel needs, such as travel to an event/purpose, upskilling opportunities for teachers and/or educational school trips.

The schools that participate will be chosen by a board of Air New Zealand representatives with endorsement from the Ministry of Education. Air New Zealand will select a number of schools at its own discretion. The winners will be selected on 19 December 2016 and the selected schools will be notified and contacted via contact telephone number and/or email provided in the application form no later than 20 January 2017. If Air New Zealand is unable to contact the selected school using reasonable efforts by 20 January 2017, Air New Zealand may revoke the selected school's participation in the Airpoints for Schools programme and select an alternative school at its own discretion. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

If a school is selected, it will be featured both on both the Air New Zealand website and on the Airpoints Store, and in any other relevant Air New Zealand channels.

Airpoints members will be able to donate their Airpoints Dollars™ to a selected school from 22 February 2017.

Airpoints members will be able to donate Airpoints Dollars to a selected school via the “Airpoints for Schools” category on the Airpoints Store.

Airpoints Dollar donations are not equivalent to cash and therefore do not classify as a charitable donation and are not eligible for tax credits.

Each winning school is eligible to receive funding of up to 10,000 Airpoints Dollars. Unless otherwise stated, any Airpoints Dollars donated to a school that are not used or redeemed in accordance with these terms and conditions will be allocated to schools selected in the subsequent Airpoints for Schools programme, such allocation to be determined by Air New Zealand at its discretion.

The Airpoints Store is only available to Airpoints members that reside within New Zealand.

All donations of Airpoints Dollars processed through the Airpoints Store are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Airpoints members may provide a donation up to 12:00pm 24 April 2017.

Airpoints Dollars donated to a school will be held in a separate account for the school by Air New Zealand. Airpoints Dollar donations will be made available for the school to access from 10:00am Monday 1 May 2017.

Airpoints Dollars are to only be used for the original travel applied for and specified on the school's application form. Travel must be booked and taken between 10:00am Monday 1 May 2017 and 12:00pm Monday 30 April 2018. If not used for this purpose during this time period then any remaining Airpoints Dollars will be forfeited, regardless of the Airpoints programme expiry rules. Air New Zealand may allocate, at its discretion any forfeited Airpoints Dollars to schools selected in the subsequent Airpoints for Schools programme.

Airpoints Dollars can be used for Air New Zealand operated and ticketed flight redemptions only, and can only be applied towards current school employees, students and nominated chaperones travelling with the school group as outlined on the application.

Airpoints Dollars can be used for either domestic or international travel in economy class and not for any other purpose.

Airpoints Dollars must be redeemed directly through the Air New Zealand point of contact notified to the selected school. Online redemptions are not available. The Air New Zealand point of contact will arrange the necessary flight bookings for their travel requirements. Only the person nominated in the school’s application to arrange travel (where applicable) is authorised to redeem Airpoints Dollars through the Air New Zealand point of contact. If no person is nominated in the school’s application, the school must notify Air New Zealand of the person authorised to arrange travel for the school in writing at least ten (10) working days before any booking is made.

Where Airpoints Dollars are redeemed for international airfares, any taxes associated with those airfares will be paid for by Air New Zealand as a donation to the school. The selected schools will be required to issue a receipt for taxes paid by Air New Zealand as a donation, each time a flight booking is made.

The selected school must agree to be featured on the Air New Zealand website(s) (including the Airpoints Store website) and across other Air New Zealand communication channels as deemed by Air New Zealand. The content of this will be formulated using subsets of the story and imagery which the school has provided within their application, and from the trips taken using the funding received.

Each time the school redeems any value of Airpoints Dollars, the school will be required to share how the Airpoints Dollars have benefited the school, students and community, within one week of their trip being taken. This includes by way of text and imagery. The school will work with the Air New Zealand media team regarding possible media stories which can be used to promote the trip taken by the school to New Zealand communities.

Air New Zealand reserves the right to appoint its own photographer to take photographs throughout a trip.

Air New Zealand will publish the school’s feedback stories in Airpoints programme member updates and across other Air New Zealand channels, and will outline how the schools have used their Airpoints Dollars.

The school is required to seek permission of persons appearing in all images provided to or taken by Air New Zealand, including parental permission for those images which feature students aged 18 years and under. The school will take all reasonable steps to obtain such consent. Air New Zealand will provide consent/waiver forms.

Air New Zealand reserves the right to terminate a school’s participation in the Airpoints for Schools programme by notice in writing if we reasonably believe that the school or its representatives have:

  • Abused, misused or obtained by any misrepresentation any Airpoints Dollars or other facilities or arrangements provided by or in connection with the Airpoints for Schools programme;
  • Behaved in a manner which Air New Zealand reasonably considers to be unacceptable while travelling with Air New Zealand using the Airpoints Dollars donated to the school’s Airpoints for Schools account, or while using any other facilities, services, or arrangements provided by or in connection with the Airpoints for Schools programme;
  • Acted in any way that is detrimental to the interests of Air New Zealand or the Airpoints for Schools programme; or
  • Provided incorrect or misleading information to Air New Zealand in connection with the school’s participation in the Airpoints for Schools programme

If the school's participation in the Airpoints for Schools programme is terminated by Air New Zealand pursuant to this clause:

  • Any unused or unredeemed Airpoints Dollars will be forfeited and returned to the relevant Airpoints members (where possible);
  • If the Airpoints Dollars have been used or redeemed, the school will, on Air New Zealand’s request, return to and/or repay Air New Zealand a proportion of the amount used or redeemed. The proportion to be returned and/or repaid will be determined by Air New Zealand at its discretion but will not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the amount used/redeemed by the school

Airpoints terms and conditions apply. In the event of a conflict between these terms and the Airpoints terms and conditions, these terms will apply.

Air New Zealand conditions of carriage and Air New Zealand privacy policy apply.